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Before You Sell: A Guide to Staging Your House

Before You Sell: A Guide to Staging Your House
Home staging is an important part of selling your home.  It can put your property ahead of the rest in today’s real estate market while encouraging potential buyers to imagine it as their own.   There are many companies that can help stage your home for you, but they come at a cost.  If you’re tight on budget, continue reading Before You Sell: A Guide to Staging Your House and achieve a designer look by DIY!


Before You Sell: A Guide to Staging Your House


What exactly is home staging? 
Staging your home is a way to make your home look it’s best to potential buyers by placing furnishings and decor in a way that is appealing to the highest number of people.  Home staging can help your property sell faster and for more money.  


Here’s how to stage your home.

1.  Know where to focus your time and energy.
You want your property to flow and have consistency so it’s best to stage every room in your home, however there are rooms that you should spend more time on.  The National Association of Realtors found that staging the living room was most important followed by the master bedroom and then the kitchen.  These area’s should be neat and tidy with every home viewing and extra attention when staging is required! 


2.  Declutter! 
Likely the most basic task…but one of the most important.  Make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the home by removing any small knick-knacks and personal items.  This includes family photo’s, displayed personal achievements, dated decor and paintings for example.  Use abstract art and trending decor pieces in the place of your personal tastes.  And remember, when you’re packing these items away, don’t put them in the closets as most buyers will look in there, you need to remove the items from your house.  


3.  Clear out cupboards and storage areas
While your decluttering, don’t forget to take a close look in your cupboards, closets and storage areas.  These area’s tend to gather the most clutter as we can simply close the doors.  When staging your home, you should thin these areas out by 50%.  A front entry closet should only have a few coats and shoes in it, giving a large spacious feel.  Organize your clothes closets by type and colour, for example all pants together from darkest to lightest.  Small details can go a long way.


4.  Deep Clean
Along the same lines as above, once the clutter is gone do a deep cleaning.  Pay extra attention the kitchen and bathrooms.  Open the windows and air our the entire house, try not to use candles or air fresheners as some people are sensitive to these scents.  Be sure to vacuum and clear out any areas your pets my sleep.  This needs to be done before every showing.


5.  Removing Furniture 
When staging your home, you really want to give a fresh, open look and feel to your space.  That means removing any unnecessary furniture.  Placing very large items or outdated furniture in a storage unit could be very beneficial.  Removing this type of furniture can make a room look bigger, which is appealing to a potential buyer.  Consider renting furniture from a staging company if needed as updated, trending pieces make your home look bright and new.


6.  Rearranging Furniture
Once a lot of the furniture has been removed, try rearranging it.  Position couches and arm chairs away from the walls.  This is a design technique called “floating” furniture.  It will create an intimate space which is perfect for social get togethers and family time.  Throw an area rug in the middle to tie the arrangement together.  If you’re space doesn’t have enough room for this design, consider replacing a three seater couch with a two seater, or using accent chairs with side tables.


7.  Curb Appeal
The very first thing a potential buyer will see is the front of your home.  The outside of your home should not be neglected.  Be sure your lawn is mowed, the garden is weeded and trim any overgrown greenery.  Dress up your front door with a welcome mat and one or two large planters.  If you have a porch, include some outdoor furniture.  Include updated lighting if possible and necessary.


8. The Small Things
Once your house is ready for the market, add some finishing touches.  Fresh flowers in vases and fresh fruit in the kitchen are great ideas.  Also, folded towels, a strategically placed book near the bath and succulents are nice to see in bathrooms.  



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