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Whether your buying your first home or moving to a new one, you can always benefit from a professional team  to help you out!  From your real estate agent to an insurance broker there are a lot of people that may be involved when you’re ready to purchase your home.  To help you navigate the world of real estate, let’s take a look behind closed doors and see what your buyer team does for you!
Sales Representatives
This person will help you save time, money and headaches.  Your real estate agent have all the buying, and selling experience you will need.  They know every step of the buying process and will work on your behalf.  In short, a real estate sales representative can:
  • Help create and fine-tune your wants and needs list
  • Arrange appointments for properties of interest
  • Receive information, find properties and screen others that may not work out
  • Has accessibility to online realtor accounts for listing information and more
  • Supply you with knowledge of the neighbourhood including nearest schools, shopping, trails etc
Overall, a real estate sales representative is an expert in buying and selling homes, and this is one area you shouldn’t be guessing in.  When searching for an agent, be sure to be clear with your needs, whether you’re looking for a country property, how many rooms and of course, your price range.


Be sure to do your research and don’t be afraid to shop around for a lending source.  Many people will get a mortgage from their bank but you can also look into trust companies, credit unions and others.  There will be different terms and conditions for each so make sure you choose the right option for yourself.  Ask for recommendations from friends, family, co-workers and your sales representative.


An appraiser will tell you how much a property is worth.  You may or may not need an appraiser however as your real estate agent could do a “Comparative Market Analysis” for you, which will give an accurate value of the property.  In some cases a lender may ask for an appraisal before a mortgage is approved.


Contractors – if your selling too!
 If you are considering building your own home or selling a current one, you will likely need contractors and/or builders.  When interviewing a contractor ask for references, home’s they’ve built and look into their qualifications.  Ask questions and have a contract drawn up. 


Home Inspector
Before buying a home it is a good idea to have it inspected by a professional.  An inspector will access the home to find any potential problems, replacements or repairs needed.  Examples can be anything from cracks in the foundation, leaks from the roof, to improperly installed wiring.  Unfortunately there is no licences for home inspectors in Canada, so be sure they have memberships to professional associations.   A home inspection can and should be a condition mentioned in an offer.  


A lawyer will represent you and create the legal documentation needed for the purchase of your home.  Your sales representative can recommend a lawyer to you, or you can source your own through recommendations from family and friends.


Overall, do your research.  Interview your home buying or building team and ask for their qualifications and references.  You can never be too prepared after all buying a home is a significant purchase, you need professionals to help you that you are comfortable with.